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Viswas Center For Mind Control
Mr. Vijay Kumar Sachdev lived in the Himalayas with the Saints for 7yrs. He leads Healthy Happy and peaceful life. A Multi faced Radiant Personality and a Motivational speaker with 25 yrs of experiance as a Consultant, Training and Treatment in Holistic Health Care, Stress Management, Nature Therapy and Mind Contrall. A deep Passion for Holistic counseling, his Experience works as a catalyst, enabling one shift from core personality to desired personality. He works to polish personalities of ordinary people so that they may lead exceptional lives of there choice. His open mindedness and the ability to accept other people's views, limitations, belief systems cultural outlook without being judgmental - is probably his biggest strength. Working with a mix of conventional and non-conventional tools. He has a unique combination of a Coach, Counselor, Trainer and Healer. Our organization established in 2002. This organization is owned and Managed by a highly qualified spiritual master Vijay Kumar Sachdev, (67yrs old) having 25yrs of experiance in treating various types of Diseases.
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